Liverpool Women captain Sophie Bradley-Auckland halts career to work in care home

12/07/20 4:01pm

Liverpool Women captain Sophie Bradley-Auckland works in a Nottingham care home

Liverpool Women captain Sophie Bradley-Auckland is putting her football career on hold to reduce the coronavirus risk posed to the care home she manages.

As well as playing for Liverpool, the 30-year-old defender is the manager of Edenhurst care home in Nottingham.

Bradley-Auckland told I was only able to come and play for Liverpool because I was able to continue with my role within the care home.

Unfortunately with the current situation it`s made me have to make a decision, one that`s been awful and I`ve actually lost sleep about it.

Bradley-Auckland expects to return to Liverpool when conditions allow

The fact is that I can`t return to Liverpool until a risk isn`t posed on the care home.

My happiness - and that`s what I call playing football, which is my happiness, is something that I love to do - isn`t worth somebody`s life and that is what it is as well. It is actually risking somebody`s life.

I have a duty of care. I`ve got 24 residents, actually 24 other members of my family I would call them, and I would never want to pose any further risk on them than what`s already there.

Bradley-Auckland said that so far all Covid-19 testing on staff and residents at the family-run business had produced negative results.

She added: I`m still a Red. I will be back at Liverpool but unfortunately at this moment in time it`s not possible for me to come, so I think it`s very much up in the air.

All I`m holding onto is that I`ll be back. My training continues before I go to work and I`ll always be fit and ready to come back whenever that risk is not there on the care home.

Bradley-Auckland, who has played 28 times for England, joined Liverpool in 2018.

The club were relegated from the Women`s Super League after the 2019-20 season was brought to a premature end in May.

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